Do-It-Yourself Projects for Your Home Decor

With all this time on our hands and with materials so readily available, diving into the world of DIY home furnishings is easier now more than ever. Whether you are new to handiwork or you are experienced, there is something for anyone willing to invest some time and experiment with your creativity.

Depending on what you’re looking for, here are some easy home additions you can make yourself if you’re ready to try your hand with something a little more challenging:

  • Firepit

Having your own fire pit is both fun and a smart investment that can later add value to your house, should you sell. Admittedly, this project is more laborious than your basic arts and crafts, but it does prove worthwhile. A steel pit, which is the essential component that you will need, is one of the easiest welding projects. The appropriate steel and the welding tools you’ll need are readily accessible at your local hardware store. You can even find better deals when you buy from local dealers, like when you purchase steel in Utah, where proprietors will be glad to offer up a few tips for your project.

  • Bookshelf

Bookshelves are some of the most common projects that DIYers like to embark on first. They can be made of steel (as mentioned earlier, welding is pretty straightforward) or of wood. Wood for bookshelves can vary depending on the style you want to achieve or from what you plan to put on your shelves. Assuming you want to begin with the most basic format, plywood is easy to manipulate, being lighter than other wood. Plywood is also more forgiving and less expensive than other alternatives.

The best type you can look for are ones that are coated with a veneer to protect the wood and add integrity to the project. You can use wood, glue, and a nail or staple gun to put the shelf together in just a matter of hours. The key to a sturdy bookshelf is to make sure that the foundation is stable. That can easily be done with a leveling tool and by making sure that the base is broad and weighted enough to carry the whole structure.

  • Headboard

You may find that you already have most of the materials for this. If you already have an existing headboard, you can do something as simple as painting it a new color. Otherwise, you can buy plywood and start from scratch. A great way to make a headboard that could pass for something bought at an expensive home decor store is to create a tufted design.

Using the fabric of your choice, measure out enough material to cover the base of your headboard. Then using some foam or filling (which can be purchased inexpensively at your local craft store or online), you can use a staple gun to adhere to this to the board. Then staple the fabric over and behind the board with the foam, making sure that it is thoroughly stapled in place. Leave a side along the length of the board unstapled so you can add more filling if need be. From there, use the staple gun to create the tufted effect on the front of the board. Then, staple shut the rest of the fabric. Use any buttons or trinkets you prefer to cover the stapled tufts with heavy-duty glue, and you’re in business.

DIY projects are not only an excellent way to flex your imagination and save some money, but they also let you make a one-of-a-kind product that speaks to your unique style.